Go With the Flow and Make It Work

Go With the Flow and Make It Work

Abstract Make It So Necklace by LuvCherie Jewelry

I'm a perfectionist planner who's not very good with change. One of the biggest things that making jewelry and selling at shows and conventions has taught me is how to be more flexible.

Before I go set up at a new convention or show location I plan my booth layout. But, sometimes when I get there the booth space that was supposed to be 10 feet by 10 feet will actually be a bit smaller. And there goes my plan. I've had to adjust my booth setup on the spot so many times that I've learned how to better "go with the flow." Both when it comes to my booth and other areas of my work (and life).

When I make a new piece of jewelry I have an idea, usually a mental picture, in mind of what I'm going to make. But, sometimes along the way I run into technical difficulties that I have to problem solve or I just plain make a mistake. That leaves me with two options: scrap it or figure out how to "make it work." Scrapping it seems like such a waste, so with Tim Gunn's infamous catchphrase in my head I figure out how to "make it work" instead. This is the story of the Abstract Make It So Necklace. It may not be my usual aesthetic, but it works.

The Abstract Make It So Necklace in the dirty hand of the designer after finishing the piece.

P.S. - The Abstract Make It So Necklace is available in my online store!

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