About LuvCherie Jewelry

Amy Darigol, Jewelry Artist and Owner of LuvCherie Jeweley

I’m Amy (she/her), a disabled & chronically ill neurodivergent LGBTQIA+ artist. I create jewelry using a variety of materials and techniques. My designs are influenced by fandom, math, science, nature, animals, patterns, symbolism, fashion, and chronic illness life. I want to encourage everyone to wear what they love with pride.

I created LuvCherie Jewelry in 2010. What started as a hobby a few months earlier quickly became a business that helps folks around the world express their passions and find their people, so they can feel loved and seen. It is also how I support my disabled self in our inaccessible society. I create jewelry designed to bring joy (and occasionally a chuckle) to a world that is too often painful, dark, and alienating.

I design jewelry from sheet metal, wire, wood, upcycled materials, and sourced components from fellow small businesses. I also create with resin, beads, stones, and other elements. Every piece is handmade by me in Federal Way, Washington, USA.

Personally, I’m a girly nerdy geek. I love gaming, fashion, sci-fi/fantasy, music, & singing like a mermaid. I love to learn whether it’s science, history, nature, art, crafting, running a small business, or anything else that grabs my interest. I am a strong advocate for social justice. Love is my #1 value, and I do my best to embody it. I’m married to the best supportive partner who helps make LuvCherie Jewelry possible, and I’m mom to Joxer, the cutest 16 year old tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Joxer, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, sitting in his bed