About LuvCherie Jewelry

Amy Darigol, Jewelry Artist and Owner of LuvCherie Jeweley


Your heart is who you are.

When you wear a piece of what you love, you become part of what makes you happy. You become your unique version of happiness. You become the most confident you.

When you show your loves to the world, you’ll find your people. You’ll find your place to belong. You’ll find your truest you.

Wear your heart. Be your happy.


LuvCherie Jewelry

LuvCherie Jewelry opened in January 2010. Every piece is handmade in Federal Way, Washington, USA.


Amy Darigol, Jewelry Artist

Amy is a girly geek. She loves gaming, fashion, sci-fi/fantasy, & singing like a mermaid. This feminist spoonie is determined to empower girly geeks & nerdy femmes with her jewelry creations.