My Three Days of Christmas

My Three Days of Christmas

Christmas Self Portrait by LuvCherie

When I was a kid Christmas was a three day event.

  • On Christmas Eve Eve I was allowed to open one gift from extended family. (I'm guessing I pestered my mom so much about opening gifts that she compromised and unintentionally created a new family tradition that I now treasure.)
  • On Christmas Eve we exchanged family gifts and ate yummy snack foods like carrots sticks dipped in ranch dressing and cheese and crackers.
  • Finally, on Christmas morning I would find gifts from Santa under the tree and my stocking would be full.

As much as I looked forward to my first gift on Christmas Eve Eve and gifts from Santa on Christmas morning, it really was Christmas Eve that I looked forward to the most. Family is what made Christmas special when I was a kid and family is what makes Christmas special today.

When I joined my husband's family, I experienced for the first time the traditional Christmas morning I'd always seen in the movies. Now I have new Christmas traditions that are as special to me as the traditions of my childhood. These days with everyone's crazy schedules we get together for Christmas when we can. To me it doesn't matter what we day we celebrate, Christmas is Christmas because of family.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Do something you love, spend time with family or friends, make new memories and traditions, and have a wonderful holiday.

--Amy :)

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