NEW Jewelry Line: Fandoms in Swarovski!

NEW Jewelry Line: Fandoms in Swarovski!

If you stopped by the LCJ booth at the Jet City Comic Show (or were following on social media) you may remember seeing two new sparkling earring designs inspired by The Last Unicorn. I am happy to say that earlier this week Lonely Unicorn and Lady Unicorn made their way into the online store! They are the very first fandom set to join the new LCJ jewelry line Fandoms in Swarovski.

NEW jewelry line: Fandoms in Swarovski

The earliest version of Fandoms in Swarovski was created on a sleepless night early last March when my brain insisted on designing jewelry instead of sleeping. In May I found out that I needed thyroid surgery and created a plan to still be able to work while recovering: experience a variety of new fandoms through movies, tv shows, and books (which I could easily do from my couch) and see if they inspire new jewelry designs. It worked! Over the next few weeks the concept for Fandoms in Swarovski came together. Since then I've started designing several fandom sets, created a prototype, refined my debut designs, purchased supplies, and made the very first Lonely Unicorn and Lady Unicorn earrings.

Do you have a favorite fandom you'd like to see included in Fandoms in Swarovski? Comment below and tell me which one(s)!

--Amy :)

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