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[caption id="attachment_936" align="alignright" width="300"]Joxer says, Joxer says, "Ball?"[/caption] Every so often life likes to throw us a curveball. I guess the universe decided that it was high time one was thrown my way. It all started last May. I was having some new digestive issues, went in for a colonoscopy, and landed in the hospital for 3 days with a rare complication. It took several weeks for me to recover, impacting LuvCherie Jewelry's sales. As soon as I was feeling better I dug back in and worked hard to regain what had been lost. At the end of November my hospital bills came due, so we took a close look at our family budget. The numbers were very clear. I needed to find a part-time job. I felt like a failure. Although LuvCherie Jewelry was bringing in over 10 times what it had the previous year, my salary wasn't enough. Over the next several weeks I went through a mourning period for my business and what it had been for the past year. I had reached the end of being able to work for myself full-time and the future was uncertain. My entire focus became finding a part-time job. I applied everywhere I could possibly think of. Three weeks later I accepted a position at a retail clothing store. Fast forward to the present, two months later, and I can honestly say that the future looks bright again. I truly lucked out with my part-time job. It has all of the qualities I would have wanted if it had been my choice instead of a necessity. I work with great people, I'm learning new things that will help my business, and I have enough time to run LuvCherie Jewelry. I've made it to other side, and I am happy again. It's hard to believe, but I am actually happier now than I was before life's curveball. Maybe the universe is trying to teach me a lesson: Not all change is bad. Life can actually be better on the other side. I hear you universe. I'll try to learn the lesson this time. --Amy :)


After the challenges of the last few months, I want to say how grateful I am for:
  • Private medical insurance, which reduced my hospital bills to 1/10 what they would have been.
  • My awesome husband who, 2 weeks after I was in the hospital, basically ran the Fremont Fair booth all by himself and has helped in countless other ways. You're amazing, and I love you!
  • All of you who continue to support LuvCherie Jewelry. You helped get me out of my funk and showed me that my dreams were still possible. Thank you!