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Last Day for Regular International Shipping!

Today is the Christmas shipping deadline for all locations outside the US with regular shipping! After today you'll have to add our rush shipping upgrade to your order in order for it to make it on time.

Surprise!! Get 30% off until December 2nd!

A surprise sale! I hadn't planned on a sale for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday, but I woke up extra early this morning (yay insomnia) and thought why not? ;) If you're interested, here are the deets:

LuvCherie Jewelry is Going to GeekGirlCon 2013!

LuvCherie Jewelry will be at GeekGirlCon October 19th & 20th 2013 at the WSCC Conference Center in Seattle!

My Health is a Roller Coaster

My health is a roller coaster, with peaks and valleys and sometimes it throws me for a loop...

Today’s Realization on Being a Perfectionist

A few months ago my psychologist brought up the possibility of Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). Whether it’s actually an issue for me is still undecided, but my take-away from that session was that I'm a total perfectionist...

We're going to the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo!

LuvCherie Jewelry will be at the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo July 13th & 14th 2013 at the Seattle Center!

Opportunity and Fear in Business

In the last few months I've been presented with several opportunities that could lead to increased exposure or bigger and better things for LuvCherie Jewelry, the things of my dreams. Sounds great right? Well, so far I have failed to follow through with them. Now I'm trying to figure out why...

Our Goodbye in a Dream

I'm standing, Waiting for my ride to the airport, When I see you through the crowd and shout your name. You turn, face lit up with surprise....

She Was 38

I was 14. She was my world and then my world was gone. She was half of me and then half of me was gone.

Einstein and Creativity

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." --Albert Einstein This little Einstein quote touches on a big subject for me: What is creativity?

Store News: Restocked and New Jewelry!

Now that I've adjusted to my new schedule and found my groove again, I've been working hard to restock and list new pieces in the store the last few weeks. I thought you might find a complete list handy, so voilà!


Every so often life likes to throw us a curveball. I guess the universe decided that it was high time one was thrown my way...