Shower Wonderings: Does Restriction Generate Greater Creativity?

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"]It's me, Luigi!It's me, Luigi![/caption] This morning while showering I began to wonder: Do reserved, constricted societies generate more fantastical works of art because of the greater need to escape daily life? Victorian society spawned some very creative fiction, especially in the science and adult genres. Japanese society has created copious amounts of fantastical manga, anime, video games, etc. And, British society has birthed popular fantastical works, such as Dr. Who and Harry Potter. If the answer is yes, can it be purposely applied to art and to the creative process? Would living in a more restricted environment lead to a more creative internal life and therefore greater works of art? This is the opposite of most advice given about how to generate creativity or get past a creative block, so it really makes me wonder. If you have studied any of the above societies, I would love to hear what you think about my wonderings. (Also, please let me know if I am stereotyping. If I am, it is not intentional.) Or, if you're an artist and you have an opinion on whether restriction or freedom is more effective for the creative process, please share. Do you know the answer? Do you have thoughts on the subject? Please comment below. :)
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