Surprise!! Get 30% off until December 2nd!

First off, how was your Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Thursday? My Thanksgiving was filled with knitting, napping, family, and yummy food. I hope yours was awesome too! I'd love to hear about yours; comment below if you'd like to share. :D And now...a surprise sale! I hadn't planned on a sale for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday, but I woke up extra early this morning (yay insomnia) and thought why not? ;) If you're interested, here are the deets: Get 30% off with coupon code BLKCYBIZ until December 2nd! If you have any questions about how to use your code, please contact me. Use 30% off code BLKCYBIZ from 11/29-12/2! BTW, this is the biggest discount ever offered. Why? Cause you're awesome and you deserve it! --Amy :)
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